Free Data Science Resources For Aspiring Data Scientists

Free Data Science Resources for aspiring Data Scientists: Theory, Programming, Portfolio Project Examples and Interview Preparation

Tatev Karen Aslanyan
4 min readSep 15, 2022


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If you an aspiring Data Scientist looking for specific resources in the form of blogs, videos, complete portfolio project examples and interview preparation tools, then this article is for you. Here I will share my most favourite resources, that will help you to enter the field smoothly!

After viewing hundreds of papers for my research, books, YouTube videos, courses, blogs etc here is my top resources for you to check out!

These are resources I used to learn various topics in Data Science and Analytics.Some of them are my own work sine i coulddn’t find any online,so I reaated them.

Some of them are suitable for people with no prior Data Science knowledge while some of them do require certain level of knowledge

What is amazing about these resources is that they are all FREE ☺️ and are all my personal and most preferred resources.

FREE Data Science and AI Handbook

How to Start a Career in Data Science published at FreeCodeCamp

Download for FREE here

📚 Blogs

  • freeCodeCamp (coding & DS theory: all levels)
  • Fundamentals Of Statistics For Data Scientists and Analysts (Probability and Statistics Theory: beginner)



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